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Performances of Passivity

Moiré Soundfarm, August 12-14, 2016, Ellend – Performances of Passivity

This year the soundfarm’s activity revolves around the variations of passivity: idleness, inertia, indifference, incapacity, inaction, helplessnes, powerlessness, sloth, torpidity…

Artwork can be submitted at

Hangfarm 2016


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Hosting Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen and Danielle Lemaire

We welcome in the studion Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen and Danielle Lemaire from the Netherland, presenting their unique Klangspielen and sound artworks on wednesday, september 16 2015., between 4-5pm.

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#1 Moire Soundfarm at Ellend

Workshop and exhibition for electronic arts in the nature
Ellend, Baranya County, Hungary
July 18-19, 2015


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During the day until 11. september

In the daylight we transmit the TIK ArtRadio of Bratislava, which is an experiment in timing driven by the wind.

The project is (was) open to join, more info at and on

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