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Djs, editors, hosts wanted!

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new / renewed shows, part 2

monday 20:00 – 21:00 psycho pimpin’ (hip-hop)
tuesday 23:00 – wed 02:00 transmission break (noise)
wednesday 17:00 – 18:00 grrrlpower (female voices / artists of indie, punk, postpunk, no wave, postrock, foxcore, gothic rock, avant garde rock, progrock, art rock), 18:00-19:00 0.0 % (sound poetry, verbal montages)
thursday 20:00 poem generator (20th century poetry compilation)
friday 17:00-18:00 electroacoustic pop, 18:00-19:00 random audiobooks, verbal mixes
saturday 15:00-16:00 asian pop, 16:00-17:00 ptk – sonic snapshots from the works of károly tóth pető
sunday 15:00-16:00 film soundtracks, 16:00-17:00 20. hungarian classical music from the 20th century

őszi műsorváltozás 2

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#1 Moire Soundfarm at Ellend

Workshop and exhibition for electronic arts in the nature
Ellend, Baranya County, Hungary
July 18-19, 2015


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Malomvölgyi röff

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Call for residency for experimental music and sound artists from Visegrád countries

Zenial in residency at Periszkóp, 2007

Periszkóp Rádió and Moiré Association for Culture calls experimental music/sound artists from Czech, Slovak Republic or Poland for residency in Pécs, Hungary for 2012, through the Visegrád Artist Residency program. We’re looking for somebody who could spend 3 months in Hungary to realize his/her own artistic projects, and besides this is able to connect his/her local scene to the hungarian in order to collect material for a recording release of a mp3/vinyl compilation which would present both countries’ sound artists.

The resident should use the infrastructure of Periszkóp Rádió (this site) and can cooperate with the Institute for Media and Applied Arts at the University of Pécs (

All of the conditions are on the VARP website:

Note: we can’t guarantee that the application will be successful. we just provide a letter of acceptance.

Please contact us with short cv and project proposal at Balázs Kovács, until 25. august 2011.