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A night of experimental music at Szabadkikötő

2016. September 16., 7 pm, Szabadkikötő (Pécs, 64 Király Street)

Experimental music gig featuring The Preterite (aka Jim Campbell, USA), N (aka hellmut neidhardt, Germany), Tape Measure Kid (aka Hellmut Neidh, Germany) and Bence Irsik from the University of Pécs, Media and Applied Art Institute.

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Performances of Passivity

Moiré Soundfarm, August 12-14, 2016, Ellend – Performances of Passivity

This year the soundfarm’s activity revolves around the variations of passivity: idleness, inertia, indifference, incapacity, inaction, helplessnes, powerlessness, sloth, torpidity…

Artwork can be submitted at

Hangfarm 2016


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Pécs free radio gathering



2016. május 13. péntek, Szabadkikötő, Pécs

18:00 – 19:00 panel discussions
19:00 – 02:00 musical performances, video projections

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1% of PIT

Please support Periszkóp with donating 1 % of your personal income tax to us. Thanks a lot.
Taxpayer ID Number: 18495535-1-02, Moiré Association for Culture (7621 Pécs, 17 Apáca Street)

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Maintenance break

Stream is temporarily down on march 28-29 due to maintenance. Broadcast restart: march 29., tuesday afternoon.

Audio streaming is back on at 16:00, tuesday. Turn on, tune in, cop out, folks.

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