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Year’s end studio fun

Special year’s end broadcast from the studio hosted by legendary chinwagger Csaba Vadász. Interviews, tape favorites, mixes, vinyl-spinning, projections, and live performances by electronic music students of the University of Pécs.

perihepaj 2016

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Uj Latasmod Fuzio vinyl LP release at 4mg Records

Short Summary

4mg Records is a music label releasing interesting electronic music since 2003. Founded in Canada as a private label run by Imrich Vegh aka ImiAFan. Last year it was transformed into a non-profit organization based in Slovakia with activities to support the underground electronic music scene and its vinyl culture.

What We Need & What You Get

Uj Latasmod Fuzio – Fúzió Adventures – LP
4mg Records is hoping to raise $999, to relieve the financial stress of mastering and manufacturing costs for 250 vinyl LPs.
Új Látásmód Fúzió – founded in 1992 – is a cult-band of the obscure Hungarian Synth-Wave etc… scene. Their sound stretches from moody decadent casio-synthpunk, unpolished minimalist synth-pop, industrial-influenced cold wave and analogue electro things to a kind of absurd avant-garde kitschy cabaret.
This is not a charity case! This fundraising effort is essentially a pre-order for the release planned to be in June 2013.
  1. Only the pre-ordered vinyl LPs will be numbered and their insert will be signed by Gaspar Kornel.
  2. These PERK prices include shipping and handling costs.

The Impact

  • Pre-order cost is cheaper than it’ll be post-release.
  • All pre-orders will be shipped in time to make sure you get it before the official release date.

Other Ways You Can Help

To all minimal wave fans: Please help to spread the word about my campaign.

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Periszkóp on the Placcc festival – video

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NADA – neodadaista csoport kiállítása


Synoptic 2010

installation by Kovács Balázs

Időpont: Szeptember 28.

21.00 Janus Pannonius utca

This year Pecs was a fully lighting City.

I like to catalisate this  movemant, to everyday tracking by useless but economic lights.




Szolga Hajnal

Art Design:

Lowas Péter


Hannibal Kata begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

special thx:

Nyilas Zsuzsanna

Kovács Balázs (XRC)

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