Pool – 143° live at Balokány beach

Live electronic music by students of the Media and Applied Art Institute at the abandoned Balokány beach.

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According to multiple news sources our former Periszkóp-collegue dj Woltron, aka. Cian, Violator deceased on 15 April 2017. His electronic music show, “Sabotage Project” was running on Friday nights from 2008 to 2012. He was a lively, reliable chap, we’ll miss him dearly.


dj Woltron in the old Periszkóp studio, 12. 19. 2008

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Due to IT-maintenance the stream’s going to be down between 6 pm march 1 and 9 am march 2.
In the meantime various interpretations of 4’33″ by John Cage will be available online.

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New show: dronezone

Sorry, this entry is only available in Magyar.

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New Year’s Eve Noise Bash

New year’s eve online noise bash on Radio Periszkóp between 31 december 22 pm till january the 1st, 4 am: http://sztrim.periszkopradio.hu:8088/listen.pls

22:00 glitch
23:00 japanese noise and improvisation
00:00 hungarian noise
01:00 merzbow compilation
02:00 experimental electroacoustic and noise classics
03:00 drone hour

Musical editor: dj random

peri zajszilveszter 2016

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