Call for composing works on the voting / text of the new media law


The Pécs Wiki competition in the Hungarian Media Law, or final vote on the bill text megzenésítésére. The works of the 2010th Dec. 31 – 2011th Round 1 January, the eve of entry into force of Law planned to present rádiónkban.


2010th autumn, the Government has prepared a new draft media law. The project not only lead to further restrictions on the radios, televisions and administered by a call to the print and electronic media, buries itself under the previously existing category of small community radio, but at the last minute and uncertain impact on long-term measures are in place. 2010. which took place at dawn on December 21 closing discussion considered artistic in the sense of grief, as the poet sees the outside world is beautiful music (Kierkegaard: Either-or, Phalaris’ bull story). Call it a politically intractable problem of artistic processing to offer. Háttér

Phalarisz bikája

The terms call for

The invitation, anyone can apply any number of works of art. The resulting works, however, must meet the following conditions:

  • Sound as raw material
    1. the final vote for inclusion in any detail (the full recording is available on site and in–ytz4EfU; a separate audio track to WAV/MP3 format, and here), or
    2. the new Media Law (latest public version is available here: shall be used;
  • Do not exceed 10 minutes;
  • Digital voice recording in the form of compression to 192kbps (mp3 or ogg format) made available;
  • Along with the owner of the bidding agree to work közzétehetővé become.

The other works for the form, content and political constraint is not!

Deadline for receipt:

2010th December 30 23h00

The method of submission:

The works at the, we sent as attachments. In the letter, please include the following information:

* Name (city, organization):
* Title of Creation:
* Used tranche:
* A statement that the published works Yes / No

The work presented:

The work received only a selected based on the protection of individual rights, so we reserve the right to the inflammatory, non-obscene films in language, or distortion, making it incomprehensible effektezésel presented. Presentation of the work, the 2010th Dec. 31 – 2011th 1 January is expected at the turn of the Periscope Radio. The finished work is presented in the Budapest Radio EPER.

The recordings, along with the radio are posted on the website.


The candidates will be drawn between könyvajándékokat the following:

  • Gianni Vattimo, La fine della modernità, Garzanti, 1999
  • Hanns Eisler, A zene értelméről és értelmetlenségéről, Gondolat, 1977
  • Zoltai Dénes, A modern zene emberképe, Magvető, 1969
  • Weber Kristóf, Alkalmazott zene, PTE, 2005 (a szerző felajánlása)

2010. december 21. Kovács Balázs (Periszkóp), Hargitai Henrik (EPeR)


The above mentioned recording: