Correction for the statement made 20. mai 2011 by Annamária Szalai, head of Hungarian Media Dept.


(sorry this is the google-translated text; sometimes it’s funny like the translation of “Mary Anna”…: enjoy it)

The Moiré Cultural Association stated that Mary Anna Szalai statement incorrectly refers to the Hungarian community radios. The community radios within the same bottom as well-organized, non-governmental organizations and local communities, sustained by members of the community should be addressed to műsorszórókat understand. This definition of AMARC, ie community radios international organization reflects the views only partially covered at the same time our country be admitted to practice in a local radio community character will be, apparently, still no distinction between voluntary non-profit and commercial radios between. Please read the above statement more precise: in Hungary, 450 community radio does not work, but ca. 70 small community and non-profit community radio station, as well as 150 local and regional stations, which are regarded as something of Community Radio in the Media Council. We would like to distance ourselves from this behavior.

We also work unfounded in light of the above definition is very vague “community radio” in the assistance fund raising on the news. On the one hand, this increase is now 450 “community” radio aiming for a service provider is broken down into a significant decline, on the other hand, the application system this year is excessive and undisclosed expectations wake repeatedly rejected by the previous years to support community broadcasters tenders, gradually dissuading operation, some of them ( Radio mere Kunszentmiklós, Civil Radio Budapest, Budapest Radio Hermit) towards the elimination or limitation thrown, willy-nilly on top-organized “community” radio for favoring those who have enough reserves, and administrative capacity for the compilation of these applications. So our view is the application system is just impossible for community radio stations operate in the traditional sense, rather than help, and it is not considered appropriate.

Please clarify the above, the expression of community radios.

Moiré Cultural Association, Budapest, 2011. June 21