Open letter for the National Media Department for keeping independent the community media

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Our association wrote an open letter on 22th october 2010 to the department controlling the media, with the following text (summary):

“Dear NMHH!

The Periscope Radio of Pécs notices You about the fact, that the concept of independent small-community broadcast is  in the way of contradiction in terms.

Because 1) we, as independent radio station can’t accept the fact that the National Media and Broadcast department loosed his political balance, and hitherto his capability to propagate the independent broadcast and the variegation of opinions. Our radio is in the nonprofite category, which means that it must be free from direct and indirect political influence while keeping his work in objectivity and balance, which is in this condition a paradoxical expectation.

2) And second, that the unity of the former two media depardments doesn’t point to the reformisation in the concept of community radio, which we recommended two years ago, on the Day of liberal frequency.  The tendency therefore is to keep the symbolic role of the so-called small-community radios, which delimits and maked impossible our tasks – by public and state-supporded fundings.

The facts summarized above opens the question, that what can do a radio station which aims to keep his political indepency? If we doesn’t care with the point no 1, we get a truncated interpretation of  independency; but if we face with it, we collide the narrow limits of the current laws – even if we try to keep the general laws. And equally, if we want to reach our station’s goals, we must override the power limits described in point no. 2., because this is the only possibility to operate in economic infrastructure and to demolish the idea of sembance-democracy .

Therefore I ask You the work on the resolve the paradoxical situtation!


In Pécs, 22th october 2010.

Kovács Balázs (Moiré Kulturális Egyesület, president, Periszkóp Rádió, editor”

Anybody – civil or organization – can join to the open letter, if agree it. The join needs name and organization entered on the following form:

In the followings I declare to join to the open letter:

The letter is closed now, thanks for thinking on tanking.


We started a demonstration as well. Our broadcast device is reprogrammed for output on the maximum of the possible small-community radio power, 10.0W instead of the current 0.6W. We hope that in this situation this is the best reaction to keep our goals and hopefully the official answer will keep in mind the facts mentioned above and the need for demolishing the paradox situation. We don’t plan to disturb other FM radio stations and of course we adapt the actual Media law. In this manner we applied on 21. october 2010. to legalize this state.

The action will be finished when our paradox situation is resolved or we’re noticed by other, disturbed radio stations.


Preparation of the transmitter: screwdriver, lamp, letters to the department, plomb.

The manipulation of the transmitter (recordings by Piotr and Bagoly).

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