About the radio

Periscope Radio

Is a free radio station in Pécs (FM97.1 Mhz) for any music and culture on the peripherals.

Listen to it online in 160 kbps mp3 format.

You can view the schedule which is currently being translated.

Any collaboration is welcome…

Support us for a better online stream…

NB. You can find a hungarian-english dictionary at Sztaki.

You can access us on the following places:

  • Studio: Pécs-downtown, Mátyás kir. str. 2. (Közelítés Galéria)
  • Email: freemail@periszkopradio.hu
  • Our Skype-user is: periszkopradio
  • Our MSN Messenger-user is: periszkopradio@freemail.hu