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Performances of Passivity

Moiré Soundfarm, August 12-14, 2016, Ellend – Performances of Passivity

This year the soundfarm’s activity revolves around the variations of passivity: idleness, inertia, indifference, incapacity, inaction, helplessnes, powerlessness, sloth, torpidity…

Artwork can be submitted at

Hangfarm 2016


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New show: DigitalStrand

DigitalStrand – fortnightly, thursday, 22-23 pm.

… a place where 90s pop meets with dark ambient – on the digital shores of a grey, industrial metropolis with bittersweet coctails. Seapunk, witch house, dark ambient, experimental, dub, techno, chillwave, dreampop, dreamwave, experimental pop, vaporwave. Wandering around the ever changing faces and crosslines of underground electronic music. Host / editor: Andrea Koroknai.


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New show: Middle East sonic asylum!

Out of solidarity with the Syrian and Iraqi refugees, diversity-enthusiast Radio Periscope launches a new daily show this september, offering one hour of traditional music (weekdays: 10 am to 11 am, weekend: 16 pm to 17 pm) and one hour of contemporary tunes from the Middle East (weekdays: 11 am to 12 am, weekends: 15 pm to 16 pm). Our goal – with an ever growing musical catalog – is to capture the sounds of every ethnic groups and subcultures in the region, showcasing their vast cultural heritage to the Eastern-European listeners. Stay tuned, folks!

(Picture by Syrian painter Ahmad Moualla:

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Moving library for media art and electronic music


This is the Moving Library of Moiré!

Inspired by the 4am kabinet, a unique review-collection in Brno, we publish our specialized book-collection and keep until we’re banned from our current place. The library is a moving reading room for mostly english-speaking books collected in the following topics: media art, electronic music, aesthetics. Most of the books aren’t available in hungarian public libraries, and it’s fairly hard (and expensive) to get them through the inter-library lease system. The reading corner is available in the opening time of the radio, usually every day between 5-10pm.

Catalogue: (in constant update)

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The diagrammatical explanation of the surface-listener monitoring-system